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From the practical function to beautify the decorative buttons of a variety of amorous feelings

Editor:嘉善县飞虹钮扣厂 │ Release Time:2019-12-10 

 Thousands of years ago, buttons began to be "active" in people's clothes as living clothing articles. Now, with the continuous improvement and improvement of technology and technology, buttons also begin to show their own "wonderful". Different seasons, different years and different clothing styles have their own different button styles. And in the button already became adornment, the real thing that just serves as link fastener comes to use next today, it already became one part in fashionable trend.

"With the enhancement of button decoration function, various kinds of buttons appear continuously, it is really dizzying, dazzling." "In Beijing shijingshan yuquan road building materials market operating a button shop wang boss said. "Today's variety of buttons, styles, materials, patterns and more, forming a unique charm." It is understood that the buttons are square, round, prismatic, elliptic, leaf-shaped according to the shape, as well as convex flower, concave flower, Mosaic, inlay, edge, paint, etc.; According to the material characteristics can be divided into synthetic buttons, natural buttons, combination buttons and metal buttons; There are a variety of traditional arts and crafts, such as butterfly, goldfish, plum, heart, and so on。

Natural button is a kind of oldest button, at present the market has real shell button, wood button, coconut shell button, stone button, etc., because it draws materials from nature, this kind of button has its own characteristics, and people's life is close to, cater to the modern people return to nature's psychology。

Synthetic material button is the largest number of buttons in the world market, the most varieties, the most popular one, is the product of the development of modern chemical industry. This kind of button is characterized by bright color, rich and beautiful shape, cheap and fine, favored by the majority of consumers, but the performance of high temperature resistance is poor, and easy to pollute the environment, this is a beauty. Belong to this kind of material of the button has a resin buttons (including sheet metal buttons, magnetic white bar buttons, button, the cloud flower imitation shellfish button, plane pearl buttons, etc.), ABS injection molding and electroplating buttons (including plating buttons, silver plating buttons, imitation gold buttons, etc.), nylon buttons, imitation leather buttons, organic glass buttons, transparent plastic buttons (including transparent polystyrene buttons, poly carbonate cheese buttons, etc.), opaque plastic buttons, casein buttons, etc.

Industry logo buttons are the most common type of buttons in the button world, the current market is divided into three types of such buttons, the first is the graphic logo art category, this type of buttons account for about 80% of the total category of logo buttons, its most prominent feature is to use large graphics to highlight the characteristics of the industry. The 2nd kind is letter kind, this kind of button accounts for 10% or so, its biggest characteristic is to use Chinese pinyin abbreviation letter to regard as button advocate design, in order to achieve easy to learn, easy to understand, easy to remember purpose, highlight this profession characteristic. The third category is the text button, this type of buttons are unique to our country, it USES Chinese characters as the main picture of the industry button, some of the characters for the artistic processing; Some are carved on the surface of buttons with Chinese calligraphy as material; There are also graphic processing of Chinese characters, unique。

Cufflinks, like tie clips and other items, are seen as men's "jewelry." With the industrial revolution came the golden age of button production in the 1840s. More and more clothes are wearing cufflinks to match their style, and their prices have been boosted by premium cufflinks. Cufflinks are usually made of precious gold, silver, crystal, diamond, precious stones, etc., so they are expensive, ranging from a few hundred to ten thousand yuan. Often, top brands introduce new cufflinks alongside a new season of men's wear, and some have limited edition cufflinks this season. Cufflinks are used with great care because of the fine workmanship and valuable materials。

And the plate flower button can also be said to be a wonderful flower in the button family, it is the button form of our country's traditional clothing, is sewed into fine strips with all kinds of cloth, plate formed a variety of shapes fancy buttons. Chinese style dish buckles modelling is graceful, work is choiceness, resemble the handicraft of 1000 appearance 100 states. Chinese style plate deduction has the same use value with other buttons, more used to decorate and beautify clothing, especially applied in the national clothing, more reflect the beauty of its clothing. What impresses people most is the plate buckle on the tang suit and cheongsam。 

With the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, countries strongly advocate the reuse of buttons made of natural materials, environmental protection and low carbon has also become the development trend of future buttons. So in addition to shell buttons, nut buttons, wood, leather, cheese, metal, resin, urea, etc. are used to make buttons. Nut buckle, also known as the fruit button, the main billet from Ecuador, South America, with the shell as the base, processing and become, nut buckle manufacturing is completely different from the traditional resin button manufacturing technology. In the process of manufacture of polishing and coloring have higher requirements, its characteristic is hard, good texture, ironing, laser engraving processing are available, and is the current domestic high-end men's first choice, but its price is high, has the water absorbability, easy to mildew, plum rains season and over time will have different degrees of metamorphism, become the most difficult to guarantee quality in the garment accessories accessories. Casein buckle in the domestic known as cheese button, the main component of the protein extracted from cheese, processed by special physicochemical technology refined. The new generation of casein buttons not only have all the advantages of nut buttons, but also resistant to moisture erosion, the appearance of pure color. However, due to its complex processing and manufacturing technology, the cost is relatively high, so only a few domestic high-end brand suits, mainly in Europe and the United States and other countries popular