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China button industry network: you must know the basics of buttons

Editor:嘉善县飞虹钮扣厂 │ Release Time:2019-12-10 

With the rapid development of various industries, many entrepreneurs are looking for business opportunities in different industries. The button industry is one of the industries that many entrepreneurs focus on. Many people are beginners to the industry, so it is necessary to know the basics of the button industry before joining the industry。

The following is the author for the button industry to organize the three button introductory knowledge:

Button measurement: the most convenient way to measure the size of the button is diameter measurement; If you have a vernier, you can measure it directly. If you don't have a vernier, can button flat on the table, put a ruler on the lower end of the button, put a ruler, around each perpendicular to the ruler of the bottom of the button, can be the next to the ruler can directly read data, straight edge is not enough, or ruler can also replace with other straight objects, perpendicular to the bottom of the ruler。

We now say 14#, 16#, 18#, 20#, 60# and so on! The formula is: diameter = model *0.635(mm). If we have a button but don't know its size, we can measure its diameter with a caliper divided by 0.635. There's another way to show the size of a button which is L. 1L=0.625MM 1MM=1/25 INCH INCH。

The cost calculation method of the button: when you enter the button industry there is another thing you must understand, is the cost calculation method of the button. The so-called cost, as we all know, is the sum of all the production costs, such as raw materials, electricity, transportation and so on. Here the author found a calculation formula: button cost = button material cost material loss cost processing cost (if the mold processing cost) labor cost management cost other costs (such as transportation, etc.)。

The raw material of metal button is given priority to with metal, its raw material can weigh to press weight to calculate: if every copper button, weight how much, copper price per kilogram how much, calculate material price very easily. In addition, when we consume inventory, we usually use the method of weighing to calculate the cost。

The inspection method of buttons: in the process of our daily production of buttons, there will inevitably be some unqualified buttons, so how do we judge whether these buttons are qualified?

1. Compare samples or confirm samples. See whether the color and model match with the sample;

2. There should be no cracks, gaps, bumps and obvious scratches on the surface of the button;

3. No crack or bubble on the face and back; No rotten edge, uneven thickness phenomenon;

4. The pattern should have no obvious deformation, white eyes, white circles and other phenomena;

5, buttonhole should be smooth and unobstructed; All needle holes are perforated and broken, symmetrical and without large eyes. If it is a dark eye button, the dark eye groove should be smooth, no obvious burst;

6. After electroplating or other processing, the effect should be uniform. If some special effects cannot be consistent, they can be packaged separately.

7. The color difference of buttons in the same batch shall not be lower than GB250 level 4 standard, and shall not be lower than GB250 level 3 standard compared with incoming samples;

8. Packaging inspection. After the appearance inspection/performance test as required by the customer is all qualified, the packaging shall be divided. Certificates or other labels shall be included in the package. The quantity of packages shall be in conformity with the stipulations and the actual quantity of each bag shall be in conformity with the stipulations.

It is very necessary for those who join the button industry to grasp these professional knowledge. When purchasing buttons, purchasers will undoubtedly choose professional manufacturers and high-quality buttons, as well as a reliable platform. At present, many professional button manufacturers choose to join the Chinese button industry network platform, and without reducing the quality of buttons online purchase rebate 2%. There is also a lot of professional knowledge about buttons online in China's button industry, and the platform is perfect for those who are new to the button industry.

So say to understand the knowledge of a few buttons industry more, make your service more professional!