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The market potential of wood buttons

Editor:嘉善县飞虹钮扣厂 │ Release Time:2019-12-10 
After polishing the buttons, the surface is treated with high quality varnish to seal all suction pores. The button after processing like this can avoid the fault that absorbs water easily, and can keep beautiful for a long time. The idea that people chooses lumber button, stem from the irksome psychology that USES synthetic plastic in large quantities for a long time above all, the material of this kind of pure nature can get the approval of mass consumer more next. Because the absorbency of lumber fiber is very strong, meet wet sky, or throw it into water, can absorb water quickly, expand, after drying again when possible craze, be out of shape, or become coarse and clumsy, very easy hook pulls garment fiber. Among them, the consumption of Europe, the United States, Japan and other developed countries is gradually rising. The grain with natural woodiness on lumber button, very simple, natural, add its exterior to compare coarse, with the high burnish feeling of plastic kind of button formed bright contrast. The fatal drawback of wood buttons is their water absorption. Especially in recent years, with people's pursuit of green environmental quality, the utilization rate of natural raw materials such as various vegetation and trees is also increasing. A lot of people think "natural" material must be avirulent, beneficial to human body health, and lumber button caters to people's this psychology. The main component of wood button is lignin, resistance to organic solvent is strong, can durable dry cleaner, can dry clean together with clothing. Wood buttons, bamboo buttons belong to the plant stem processing of the buttons, in our side, you may more or less will find the existence of such a kind of buttons. In the international market, the number of such buttons is not a few. To overcome the defect of lumber button, when choosing material should notice to choose as far as possible woodiness density, growth period is long, the lumber with old age or place. With the changes in the structure of various products, in the clothing accessories, the development of wood buttons are more and more people face. So this kind of buttons and hemp fabrics, or plain color casual clothing is very suitable, at the same time can be satisfied with a department of innovation, not conventional aesthetic habits.