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Small small dress button can deduce profusion unexpectedly big world

Editor:嘉善县飞虹钮扣厂 │ Release Time:2019-12-10 

Pull up the buttons, everybody's familiar. Different styles of clothes with a wide range of buttons. Nowadays, people's demand for diversified and personalized clothing is increasing, the connection function of buttons is becoming weaker and weaker, while the decorative function is improving day by day, which puts forward higher requirements for button manufacturers。
So, does our button industry also catch up with the trend of The Times and realize new development? Next might as well follow the small make up of China button trade network to tell, to understand the hometown of buttons in China and the magnificent transformation of button industry enterprises。

It is reported that jiashan dashun is China's famous button township, the original jiashan county is the northernmost of a township administrative agencies. Shanghai in the east, jiangsu in the north, superior geography, traffic conditions are extremely convenient。After the adjustment of jiashan county administrative area in 1999, dashun was incorporated into the ancient town of xitang。

It should be said that the shun button industry originated in the 1940s, formed in the 1980s, and expanded in the 1990s. In 1997, dashun was named "the hometown of buttons in China" by the ministry of agriculture. In 2008, the national button standard technical committee was established in dashun. At present, there are more than 1,100 button manufacturing enterprises in dashun, with about 3,000 button operating households of different sizes. About 60% of the people in the original dashun town are engaged in button production and marketing, making the button industry an important industry for dashun people to start businesses and become rich。

Entering the 21st century, with the speeding up of the transformation and upgrading of the national economy, the industrious and intelligent jiashan people buttons enterprises is relatively small in scale, the innovation ability are relatively weak, and relative shortage of professional talents outstanding problems, in order to speed up the implementation of "zoom button feature advantages, efforts to achieve the" button of the township "to" garment accessories production base "turn" the goal, established jiashan county planning DaShun garment accessories business incubator。

According to the author's further understanding, the total investment of the park is about 1.08 billion yuan, which is expected to accommodate 86 garment accessories enterprises after completion, with an annual GDP of more than 1 billion yuan and a profit and tax of 250 million yuan. On the other hand, it plays an important and positive role in promoting the promotion of garment accessories industry, the extension of industrial chain and the transformation and upgrading of enterprises。

At present, with the "Internet plus" concept advocated by the state, the development of e-commerce of traditional enterprises has been accelerated, and the enterprises in the park have been encouraged to explore e-commerce marketing mode. And the online trading platform focusing on the button sheet product e-commerce has become the first choice of the small and medium-sized enterprises in the park, which makes the Chinese button exchange network emerge at the right moment。

More importantly, with the aid of button item trading platform, makes the button industry enterprises obtained a radiation buttons of the whole industry chain enterprises resources gathered, not only can quickly get the latest business information industry, to set up with raw materials suppliers, research and development institutions, product distributors in Bridges, effectively implementing the resources sharing, information release, business negotiation and online transactions。

In general, by relying on the button e-commerce platform, it not only injects Internet genes into button enterprises, but also broadens the thinking, expands the channels and changes the mode for industry organizations. From this, we have reason to believe that e-commerce will become the next decade to lead the development of the button industry booster。